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Reflexology is an ancient healing art dating back many thousand years, and it is believed that the feet are a map of the entire body and all its components. Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to points on the feet which correspond to the various areas in the body. It is so much more than a foot massage and will bring about changes in the body to balance and harmonise our mind, body and spirit. It is a great way to combat stress, improve circulation and correct many other ailments bringing about a feeling of wellbeing.

Reflexology and Cancer
Reflexology can be particularly beneficial to people living with cancer. It may increase feelings of relaxation, give relief to symptoms such as nausea and lymphodoema, increase the feeling of wellbeing and increase the energy. In short, this can improves quality of life. Reflexology is also very beneficial for the carers of cancer, as we appreciate fully the physical and emotional aspects of seeing our loved ones going through treatment.

Reflexology for the Treatment of Pain

Enid has recently taken specialised training for giving reflexology treatments for people who are suffering from mild to chronic pain. The treatment is included as part of a regular reflexology treatment, however treatment time will be extended by 10 to 15 minutes.

Reiki is a completely non-invasive therapy which is hugely beneficial in re-balancing the body's flow of energy. A lovely, relaxing therapy, Reiki is used in the treatment of many ailments, both physical and emotional. Reiki can be given either on the body or above and around the body. It is very gentle and induces a feeling of great calm.

A relaxing gentle massage treatment of the upper back, neck, shoulders, head and face which helps to alleviate the tension and stress that so many people carry in their upper body. It is particularly helpful in relieving migraine and sinus problems and will leave you feeling totally relaxed and pampered.

Aimed at improving overall health, boosting the circulation and dispersing toxins, massage is a great way to ease aches and pains caused by tired or strained muscles, while at the same time give you a feeling of complete relaxation. This type of massage is primarily for relaxation and would be more gentle than some other types of massage.

A wonderfully relaxing massage which includes the use of oils for the therapeutic benefit of the mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy can assist in eliminating toxins while decreasing stress and tension, using the properties of the essential oils to work with the various presenting conditions. Aromatherapy is an amazing treatment, but oils need to be used correctly, as misuse of some oils can be contra-indicated for certain conditions. It is therefore very important that you ensure the therapist is fully trained.

This is a non-denominational spiritual healing method. Therapists believe that we can heal, harmonise and balance every area of our lives with spiritual assistance. Most therapists also work with energy fields using Reiki or Meditation to enhance the experience.

For more information on all our therapies, please feel free to contact us.

"I have never been one to put aside time for myself, but with the stresses of everyday life and severe IBS, I eventually decided to try some alternative treatments. I tried Reiki and reflexology and have been back for two further treatments with Enid since and would recommend either Reiki or Reflexology to anyone in need of de-stressing." Catherine. Co. Limerick

"I attended for some Reiki treatments and after just three sessions found a huge improvement in my energy flow. The experience itself is wonderful; relaxing the body, calming the mind and bringing about the most incredible sense of wellbeing. I haven't slept so well in months and find I can't wait for my next treatment." Marie. Co. Limerick

"I've suffered with sciatica for many years and had tried all the conventional treatments without success. A doubting Thomas regarding complementary therapies, I decided to try a Reflexology treatment as a last ditch attempt to get some relief. Why didn't I try this years ago?" Mary. Co. Cork

"Due to a lot of emotional upset in my life over a period of four years, I felt I had completely lost my sense of direction or focus. I decided to book a combined Angel/Reiki healing session. It was the first of many and I have learned to quiet the inner self, be in the moment and finally realise that everything I need is right inside me." Clare. Co. Cork

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